What A Hoot! Coxsackie, NY. A cartoonish owl perched on a branch.

Here is our 2024 Brochure, where you can find all the information you need for this year's festival. Happy Hunting!








Meet the 2023 Raffle Owls for our 2023 Mini-Fesitval!

First up, "Owl Bee Blooming" by artist Sharon Lalor Askew, sponsored by Helping Hands 12015
IMG 4230 web

Next up, "Tiffany" by artist Ellen De Lucia, sponsored by Heart Land Realty
Tiffany by Ellen De Lucia

Third, we have "The Watcher" by Josh Smeltzer, sponsored by National Bank of Coxsackie.
watcher front web

Fourth, there's "Henry on the Hudson" by Kimberly Linden, sponsored by State Telephone
henry front web

And our final raffle owl for 2023, "Otus" by Heatherlyn Martin, sponsored by Lake and Mountain Realty.
otus front web


Here is our 2021 brochure, which can also be found around town at the Village Offices, Red's Restaurant, and other sponsors and in clear acrylic boxes near some groups of owls. Enjoy searching for your favorite!

  • 2021HootMap
  • 2021HootMap2

The 2020 owls will be put back out on their perches for 2021 soon! Until then, enjoy these portraits of each owl to be auctioned off on September 25, 2021 at the Coxsackie Yacht Club.
  • 10_nite_owl
  • 11_a_wish_granted
  • 12_cosmic_wisdom
  • 13_its_your_OWL
  • 14_winters_promise
  • 15_the_pHOOOtographer
  • 16_solara
  • 17_spirit
  • 18_woody
  • 19_douglas
  • 1_whoo_loves_healthy_harvest
  • 20_the_duke
  • 21_charlie
  • 22_big_blue
  • 23_who_la_la_hollywood
  • 24_diana_goddess_ofthe_hunt
  • 25_luna_the_night_owl
  • 26_discovery
  • 27_owl_wisdom_vote2020
  • 28_owl_and_hare
  • 29_hope
  • 2_poppy
  • 30_the_snow_queen
  • 31_welcome_gnome
  • 32_story_time
  • 33_night_call
  • 34_nightie_night_owl
  • 35_statue_whoo_liberty
  • 36_dalla_riva
  • 37_the_flying_ace
  • 38_huntress
  • 39_winter_pines
  • 3_native_owlsof_coxsackie
  • 40_patriotic_poppy
  • 4_sunrise_onthe_hudson
  • 5_enchanted_forest
  • 6_hootiful
  • 7_snowy_family
  • 8_hootenany
  • 9_oakley


They have arrived! Our fundraiser mugs for What a Hoot! 2021 are now available for $10 each. Proceeds from the sale of our new mugs will go toward operational costs for the 2021 festival. The mugs are now available at the Coxsackie Village Office,  Dean's Catskill Valley Mills in Coxsackie, the West branch of the National Bank of Coxsackie on 9W, and they will also be available at the Coxsackie Farmer's Market on the first Wednesday of every month this summer, starting in June. We thank you for your support!

  • 031120
  • 031120_1
  • 031120_2
  • 031120_4


Our selection reception was held on January 26, 2020, and was a great success. We would like to thank The Friends of the Heermance Memorial Library for the delicious owl themed treats, the Reed Street Bottle Shop for some delicious wine, and The National Bank of Coxsackie for providing a great venue for the event. We have 41 owls to be painted this year, and all of the sponsors have made their selections. We look forward to seeing all of the completed owls for Memorial Day weekend!

  • IMG_8767
  • IMG_8769
  • IMG_8771
  • IMG_8773
  • IMG_8776
  • IMG_8782
  • IMG_8783
  • IMG_8784
  • IMG_8785
  • IMG_8786
  • IMG_8788
  • IMG_8790


The Owl and the Chickadee, created by Sharon Lalor Askew, was our single owl for 2019, and was raffled off in December 2019 to raise funds for the 2020 What a Hoot! Festival.

  • IMG_4753_edit
  • IMG_4757_edit
  • IMG_4761
  • IMG_4763
  • IMG_4766
  • IMG_4767_edit
  • IMG_4770_edit
  • IMG_4771_edit
  • IMG_4774_edit
  • IMG_4776_edit


Here is the brochure showing the map and all owls from our 2018 What a Hoot! Festival.

  • 2018HootoftheOwlfront
  • 2018HootoftheOwlfront2


Enjoy photos of Freedom, our first prototype owl, created and painted in 2017 by Ellen De Lucia.

  • Bottle & Cork 2
  • CDM-photo-from-park
  • Freedom in Studio 1
  • Freedom in Studio2
  • Freedom in Studio3
  • Freedom in Studio4
  • Griffin-1
  • charlie_joe_freedom
  • martinez_freedom