What A Hoot! Coxsackie, NY. A cartoonish owl perched on a branch.



Gala and Auction Date TBA

As we solidify our plans for the What a Hoot! Gala & Auction for 2018, we will keep you posted!


Owls Out for Memorial Day

We hope to get all owls on their perches in time for the Memorial Day Parade.


Completed Owls Deadline

This is the firm deadline for artists to return their finished owls. They will then be sent for clear-coating.


Notification of Artists Selected Date TBA

Artists will be notified that they have been selected by a sponsor, and will pick up their owl to begin work. Exact date TBA


Selection Reception date TBA

Sponsors will choose their owl/artists at this reception. Once we have a date and place, we will update.


Artist Sketch Deadline

The deadline for artists to submit an owl sketch with all accompanying paperwork.


Sponsor Packet and Payment Deadline

All individuals and businesses interested in being an owl sponsor must return packets and payment by November 15.


Artist and Sponsor Packets Available

See the downloads tab.